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The upper limit of the violin’s range is largely determined by the skill of the player, who may easily play more than two octaves on a single string, and four octaves on the instrument as a whole.

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A high level violinist can reach with his end the very ending of the fingerboard, making very high notes and covering with his instrument a range of about 4 octaves.

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Well, the cello is tuned an octave and a fifth below the violin, the Elgar cello concerto hits E above the treble clef stave, but the highest note I can recall seeing in … This excludes things such as harmonics, which extend all of the instruments’ ranges pretty much infinitely, depending on the skill of the player.

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How many octaves are there on a violin? Watch this short video to get the answer . Play any of …

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The fact that the Viola plays in a lower range than the violin is exactly what attracts many of its players and fans. … Each instrument can be played within a 4 octave range and even higher notes can be played as fingered harmonics. A viola … There are not as many violas as there are violins in ensembles.

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December 24, 2012 at 03:18 PM · I think the 4 octave B (~3960Hz) in Saint Saëns 3 would be played as an open harmonic. In that region of frequencies on the violin notes don’t have much projection and can easily be obscured somewhat by the accompaniment, and even by bow noise. In the concert hall I …

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Proceeding chromatically, in the keys of G through C, my many variations and permutations of 3 octaves will include a 4th octave in those keys. gwie … like the 2nd G# on the E string to be played pp as a harmonic in the 2nd violin part of Tchaikovsky’s Variations on a Rococo Theme for cello and orchestra.

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You can do a 4 octave G scale on the violin. Here are the notes http://www.users. …

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A viola’s typical sound is described as deep and mellow, and it generally has a slower sound than the violin due to its thicker strings. Violins are … However, the top notes are often produced by harmonics, and so the E two octaves above the open Estring (E7) can be considered the practical highest note for orchestral parts.

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Answer to Question from Flute Learner12.

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The highest note is less well defined: E7, the E two octaves above the open string (which is tuned to E5) may be considered a practical limit for orchestral violin parts, but it is often possible to play higher, depending on the length of the fingerboard and the skill of the violinist.

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I recently came across a question from a young flute player in YouTube asking what is the highest note a violin could play. I responded with a video playing 4octave A major, then answered that the highest note is A, range of 4 octaves and 1 tone (low G to high A).

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Page 1 of 2Highest Violin Notesposted in Viva Strings: I am barging into the string forum here to get some idea from the experts on an instrument I can’t play in any sense of the word.This morning I was doing some typesetting from manuscript into Sibelius as part of an ongoing project at my centre.

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The lowest note on the violin is the G just below the middle C on the piano. The highest note for violin orchestra would be the E two octaves above the E str…

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Violin Pitch Range: 196 hz to 4.4 khz. Violin Frequency Range 196 hz to 10 khz ( approximately) Open Note Frequencies G3(196 Hz), D4(293 Hz), A4(440 Hz), E5 (659.3 Hz). When considering amplification I don’t think it’s really pitch range that is the most important issue but, Frequency Range that must be …

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Do you need help fingering violin music? Our Violin Fingering Chart will help you learn what finger to use with violin notes.

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So, I am currently writing a suite for string orchestra. I intend on putting several sul notes for the violin and the viola. However, I’m wondering how high…

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Beginning Violin – Parts of the Violin. 2. The Violin Bow. 3. Caring for the Violin. 4 . Holding the Violin. 5. Producing a Good Sound on the Violin. 6. Tuning the Violin. 7. Finger Placement on the Violin Fingerboard. 8. Range of the Violin. 9. Basic Note and Double Stops on the Violin. 10. Tip for Practicing the Violin.