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¡Hasta luego!I’ve got go to class now. See you later! See you! Supongo que es hora de que nos despidamos. ¡Hasta luego!I guess it’s time for us to say goodbye.

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Translate Hasta luego nos vemos. See SpanishEnglish translations with audio pronunciations, examples, and wordbyword explanations.

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Translate !hasta luego. See 3 authoritative translations of !hasta luego in English with audio pronunciations.

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when is used hasta luego and when hasta pronto ? in everyday conversation which is more used ?

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English Translation of “¡hasta luego!” Collins SpanishEnglish Dictionary.

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This is an English question, not a Spanish question. Most people who use this phrase in English do not in fact know any Spanish at all, just as those who use Bon voyage! or Bon appétit! may well know no French to speak of. English speakers, particularly in America, not uncommonly use the phrase hasta …

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He came riding down to her—for his trail lay that way—and as he rode he called to the others a good natured hasta luego ! The Heritage of the Sioux B.M. Bower. Word Origin and History for hasta luego. Expand. Spanish, literally until soon; salutation in parting. Online Etymology Dictionary, © 2010 Douglas Harper

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in my experience in Spain people use it in the way english people use ‘see you later’ (note to clever owl: it should be an option).

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Spanish for until later; roughly translated as bye, so long, see you later, later, take care, etc. Note: Every reference to this term says something like: It is not a guarantee or promise to be taken literally as I will see you laterit’s just a casual thing to say when you part company.

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