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Hasta luego definition, see you later; so long. See more.

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Your phrase, hasta luego, is a very general thing which is heard all the time here in the southwest United States. It just means “until whenever”; it is not as longterm as hasta la vista. All are rather casual, and you should not expect listeners to use them per their exact original senses from Spanish.

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hasta la wego, Wego, , , Translation, human translation, automatic translation.

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See 3 authoritative translations of Hasta luego in English with example sentences and audio pronunciations. … Hasta luego dijo el mosquetero haciendo a Grimaud seña de descorchar la botella que acababa de traer. au REVOIR, said the Musketeer, making a sign to Grimaud to uncork the bottle he had just brought.

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Translate Hasta la luego. See SpanishEnglish translations with audio pronunciations, examples, and wordbyword explanations.

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Translations for hasta wego in the PONS Online Spanish » English Dictionary: hasta, ¿hasta cuándo te quedas? — hasta el viernes, no se levanta hasta las once, Francisco Mera, el hasta ahora presidente de la Confederación, hasta hace algunos años, desde que asumieron el poder hasta la fecha hasta ahora.

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Spanish for until later; roughly translated as bye, so long, see you later, later, take care, etc. Note: Every reference to this term says something like: It is not a guarantee or promise to be taken literally as I will see you laterit’s just a casual thing to say when you part company.


Hasta luego = this is the most generic of them all, and it means ‘until then’. You can use this for … ‘Hasta pronto’ doesn’t mean ‘soon’, which is the literal meaning of ‘pronto’ (I know, Spanish can be tricky at times! … NB ‘hasta la vista (baby)’ is not really used all that frequently, so I’d try to avoid it if I were you.

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in my experience in Spain people use it in the way english people use ‘see you later’ (note to clever owl: it should be an option).

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Phrase[edit]. hasta luego · goodbye, see you later, bye, take care. Synonyms[edit] . (goodbye): adiós, chao, chau, hasta la vista, hasta mañana, hasta después, nos vemos. Retrieved from https://en.wiktionary.org/w/index.php?title= hasta_luego&oldid=45518981. Categories: Spanish terms with IPA pronunciation · Spanish …

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